Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sewing and Gardening

Will and Steve built my Rectangular Garden the other day. I finally got my soil in, and now have my little plants planted.  Planted carrots, variations of lettuce, spinach, pepper plants, gourds.  Used the Square Foot Garden Method for planting.  My gourds are the first things that are coming up.

You can also see the fence that my husband, my son, my oldest daughter help to install.  All three really know how to use tools.

Below are the Senior Scholarship T-Shirt Envelope Pillows.  Yeah, they are finally done.  Sure did take a while as, I didn't have much snipits of time.  That is why I like to work on them early in the spring.

I'm thinking about making a t-shirt quilt here in the near future.