Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Flanged Enveloped Backed T-Shirt Pillows - Again!

The other day I timed myself on each step that it took, to make a flanged enveloped backed t-shirt pillow.

After washing the t-shirt and smoothing it out, and then cutting up the sides of the shirt....after all of that, it took over an hours time to put together the t-shirt pillow.  What was amazing to me, was that the ironing part of constructing the pillow was the longest part of the process.  I timed the construction process, so I could know how much time it took, and if I was ever asked to make these pillows for the PTA again, I could figure out how much to charge for my time.

Course, that is IF I could get one hours of time in one sitting.  That never happens, and if you do this in one session, without getting up and stretching, you might be a little stiff!  Sewing Yoga anyone? 

This assumes too, that you have ALL the proper tools.  Rotary cutter and cutting board, plastic square to go by, a cutting ruler.  If you don't have that, it would take much more time to get an accurate square.  Plus, I had to figure out, how to "center" the design.  Basically had to add 3-4 inches to the top of the square, in order to have the Bulldog t-shirt design be centered on the final product.

Centering the clear plastic template and deciding how much to add to the top of the pillow.
Cutting out the initial square.

Adding a strip of material to the top of the pillow front.

Easy once you've figured it out, not so easy to start the first pillow though.