Friday, May 14, 2010

Sew here I go!

Sewed up some Flanged Envelope Pillows this past month.

The blue pillows are from XL and 2XL sized shirts.  Then the Black one is from a Large shirt.  The Eskimo Joes T-shirt, which by the way, was my son's but, he'd never wear it, as tie dye and pink didn't go with his personality.  That's okay, since it was a size Adult M, it was a good victim prototype to test my pattern on......

Well as it turns out.  Using a scant 1/4 inch topstitched seam and a 1 1/2 inch topstitched flange, was a bit *tight* with a 14 by 14 inch pillow form, for the Adult Size M (Eskimo Joe's) shirt.  Notice how *tight* the pillow form seams to be by the pillow flange?  I like a little looseness to my pillow!

Next time, I'll topstitch either 1 1/4 inch, or 1 inch flange, if I'm using a Medium Adult T.  I barely had enough fabric chest width wise from the Adult M.  Of course, JoAnn's doesn't have a 12 by 12 inch pillow form.  Smallest one is 14 by 14.  It will be some creative sewing for lesser shirt sizes.  I also had to add some fabric panel on the top (as I had to do with the Bulldog t-shirts, as the design was really close to the neckline.), to make the Eskimo Joe design to come out centered.  These shirts were for scholarship winners from the local PTA.  I did 15 shirts for High School, then ended up last minute doing 6 1/2 shirts for one of the elementary schools.

Now I'm doing a fundraiser at church.  Send me a at least Adult M t-shirt, and I'll convert it into a Flanged Envelope Pillow.  You provide the 14 by 14 inch pillow form.  Cost is $10 (plus a shipping charge).  Shirt should be washed, as I don't want to deal with stinky shirts!  email me at  for more details.  The money will go toward our church's children's playground equipment.  Thought I'd use one of my "gifts" to help out the church!  Thanks!    gaileee