Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Zumba Cargos into Zumba Capris or Zumba Shorts - tutorial by Charise Richards

 Charise Richards converted her Zumba Cargo pants into Zumba Capris (and into Zumba Shorts).  Here are her photos and tutorial on how she did this process.  Permission to post tutorial was given to me by Charise to share her conversion process and for the love of wearing a bit shorter Zumba pant!  <3 <3 Gaileee

Final product.

Cut your pant leg length.  Make it long enough though so that you can roll up a cuff.

Cut your other pant.  Same length.

What the raw edges look like.

Measure and Fold to the inside your initial hem length.  Remember you'll be cuffing and rolling the hem. Fold once, then fold again, that way when you sew, you only sew once. (You can optionally fold once, sew the raw edge, then fold again and sew for the top stitching.)

Left Leg with pins.  Right Leg seeing it from the inside of the pant.  Pinning close to the edge.

Both sides pinned, and even.

Sewing close to the edge with the pant turned inside/out.

Sewing in action.  What kind of Singer Sewing Machine is this? A 500 Rocketeer?

Another nice close up of the sewing.

Wa La! Next is the turning of the cuff.

Cuff turned, but you have to make it secure!

Oh, how "tack"y of you!  Tack down in four places.

See how your "tack"y work looks on the outside of the pant.

Finshed product!  Great job Charise!  Nice photos!!

Oh, one in white.....

And look, a pair of shorts, and a grey pair waiting to be done.  Hmm, I may need to purchase some of these!
Lovely work Ms. Charise.  Thank you for sharing!  <3 Gaileee