Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ruffle Pants Mode.

Ruffle Pants Mode.  I'm taking Grace's pants from last year (except the cords), and converting them into capri's with the ruffle on the bottom. 

  • Dark Blue Jean with Bulldog ruffle fabric
  • Light Blue Jean with brown/black stripe
  • Medium Blue Jean with floral ruffle
Now I'm making some more pants, same sized pattern (from the Kwik Sew Pattern book) in size 3T.  These pants work well, with her having to go potty, so trying to have her in clothes, where I don't have to help her so much in the bathroom....to help her be independent.  (But I keep forgeting to leave the light on, as she wants that light on!)

I'm working on two Dark Blue Jean pants.  One with a multi color heart fabric, and I haven't picked the next fabric yet, but I'll probably survey her tops in her closet, and try to find a multi colored fabric from my stash, or maybe a pink variety colored fabric. 

Prior to me sewing up the inside seam of the pant leg, I'm attaching the ruffle, ironing it, then top stitching it before putting the let together.  This might make the ruffle, though a bit flat, when I put the leg together.

Today she is wearing her baby Jaguar print long sleeved shirt from Kohls (size 5, in case you are thinking of anything for holiday presents..) along with what she calls, her cat pants. (Black leggings, Garanimals from Walmart, sized 4T)  She says that she is "Dora", from Dora the Explorer, and that she is wearing her Jaguar clothes.  Cute.  Way too cute.