Thursday, August 20, 2009

School starts, and what about sewing?

I read Sarah Doyle's sewing blog, as she sends it to me in email (love that feature), and she recently talked about bulk sewing. Make more than one thing from a pattern.

Well for me, I need to see that I can understand the pattern, make it look good, and then I'll make something in bulk (like those 9 pairs of pants last year at winter time).

Grace needs some skirts, as she is now partly able to pull down panties and to do "Tee Tee's". But they need to be the skirt without the shorts. I've some patterns that might do the trick, and some patterns I bought from SewBaby that have a reversible skirt. I like the theory of two pairs of clothes in one clothing item. (Cuffed pants, or not....again, last winter's pants escapade).

Plus, I need to get the Serger in working order that I was given. Hmmm, hope it doesn't take a Hurricane escaping episode to get me to learn the serger...ha ha ha.

Grace is in the *in between* sizes 4t 4x-6, so this will be interesting to see what fits her. Oh, the Octobre patterns are just too intimidating for me....but I do like looking at them! And dreaming one day, I'll make one....ahh., I know I'm deluded!

Plus I want to make some YOGA pants for me! Maybe one of my dear readers will donate to me some yoga pant material, then I'll be shamed into making some yoga pants (with or without the serger).

Meanwhile, I need to get my sewing project book updated, as to what I'm really going to be sewing.

Fall sewing....maybe here I come!