Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A sampling of Quilts of Deloris Pickens

Here is a quilt mom did for my Dad.  She made quilts for the grandkids, and he wanted a quilt for him.  He has since passed away, and now this quilt is my son's quilt.  Very nice colors and original design!

The Postage Stamp Quilt for my oldest.

 The many pointed star quilt for my 2nd oldest.

The baby quilt for Derek.  Mom likes to figure out the quickest way to make star quilts of varying points. 

A test quiltlet, to try to figure out the 8 pointed star.

Here is my oldest's baby quilt with the little triangles along the outside of the quilt.

And here is a rescue quilt from a yard sale.  Nice utility quilt for taking in the car for picnics or for laying on, when doing car work. Not that I've inherited any of these quilting abilities.  I'm just now getting into sewing, and it is slow at that!  My friend Tammy was able to take one of my mom's quilting classes, and mom said that Tammy was one of her best learners!