Sunday, March 1, 2009

Recycled t-shirt into pj dress

Just a quick note. I took Tammy's notes from her t-shirt demo/tutorial that she did with me back in December, and took an old t-shirt of mine from Gap, an proceeded to turn it into a PJ dress for Grace. I "Recycled"! Woo woo!

Tammy had given me these strips of cloth to use for binding the neckline and the sleeves. I had to call her once to try to figure out how long to do the neck. Well I buggered that up, as it was too short! Thats okay, it is just a pj, and I'm not going to "un-sew", unless, of course it doesn't go over her head. (hey, I had to sew this when she was asleep, and I'm off to play the fiddle in time to try on.)

Sew, maybe later on today, she'll try it on, I'll have to un-sew..(ahem), but it went great! I used the original hem of the shirt, so I didn't have to make a shirt hem.