Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stiff Neck, Achy Back...Sewing Yoga is for you!

On SewNews January 2007 issue, they described the Yoga for Sewers series.

Now in looking at the poses that Kat presents, you could use these poses to help you in the office environment too!

Here is a little snippit from the SewNews site:

YOGA MEANS "UNION" IN SANSKRIT. When yoga is practiced, movement and breath are united to create a relaxed body and a clear mind. Yoga's deep breathing and gentle stretches relieve tense shoulders, a stiff neck and an aching lower back, and help circulation in the legs.

"Sewing Yoga" is a series of yoga postures combined with deep breathing designed to target the aches and pains associated with sewing. The postures are gentle enough that even the most novice yogi can do them. The entire program can be completed in a half hour and many of the postures can be done while sitting at your sewing chair.

The program takes about 30 minutes...Sew if you've got a achy back, go ahead and try this program!
Gaileee, E-RYT