Monday, February 27, 2012

Sewing tutorial for Nursing/Breastfeeding top from two ready to wear shirts sewing tutorial.

I had made a lot of simple breastfeeding tops when I was pregnant with Grace.  Couldn't find the internet instructions, so these are from memory in making these tops.   Making these for my 2nd oldest, who is due at any time now! 
Original cowl neck t-shirt

V-Neck crisscrossed t-shirt

Two of the same top & size

Cut up sides, then cut lower part of shirt off.  About 8 inches.

Cut a 14 inch tall tube from other shirt.

The tube.  Finished off top edge, then cut off back panel.

Separating front from back on the tube.  Getting rid of serged edge.

About a 6 inch overlap, between 1st and 2nd shirt.

Folded unde rpanel in half, measured 1/4 inch elastic, plus 2-3 inches.
Top stitched elastic to top portion of the underpanel.

Sew wrong sides together to make overlayed panel effect.

Finished product.  Two shirts make into a overlay panel
nursing/breastfeeding shirt.
Finished product.  About 2 hours work.