Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Recycled, Repurposed ... what have you done?

I was entering a giveaway, and was asked to tell about something that I recycled.

Well I talked about the two t-shirts that were my size (xl), that I had recycled into
two pj night shirts for my daughter of 3.

Then I got to thinking of something else..... Daughter likes Captain Feathersword, and wanted to be one for Halloween last year.

Well, I took my oldest daughter's Thanksgiving outfit (Amber is 23), and I cut the sleeves, folded them in, so I could take the sleeves and make them longer, if I needed to.

I then took one of my husbands ties for a "sash". Took one of my "Buffy" head thingies (look it up on the internet, it is interesting garment item), and used that as a cool pirate head scull cap.

Gave her Derek's (her older brother, 17) eye patch, from his old pirate costume, bought a blow up Pirates of the Caribean sword, and we were Pirates! ARrrrgh!!!

For my outfit, I took another "Buff" head gear for my skull cap, took my Red hair Fall from the Nutcracker (I danced as a party guest for Act I for three years), stuck it under there, used my Thailand "fisherman Pants (from Amber) along with my Riding boots (from when I was pregnant with Amber--when I was in London), a yoga hippy top, lots of dangly jewerly, and some odd vest I had hanging around. Along with a bit of Nutcracker makeup, and Arrrrgh! I was a pirate wench.

Okay, well this was a fun post!