Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Endless Combination - Pattern Review....added

I added an additional pair of pants to the Endless Combination - Pattern Review Contest for 2008.

A pair of dark denim blue jeans with the brown corded cuffs.

Plus, I just realized, that all the cuffed pants, well, the cuff can be turned inward, and thus you have another pant to add to the wardrobe.

Sew, with 5 items that have been sewed so far, that is 16 outfits. The one pair of pants are actually using the cuff instructions, but I had to make the pants longer, because I first used a size 2t, not 3t. So they are actually a pant with an added fabric panel for length.

I also have two pairs of additional pants cut out in large corduroy rose, and large corduroy hunter green (cuffs also....)

Maybe I'll get a chance to sew them up! Miss Grace will stay warm this winter!